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Experienced PhD Chemistry Instructor For MCAT, DAT and PCAT Exams Preparation

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You need a chemistry instructor who is qualified and experienced and can help you to understand chemistry concepts (General and Organic chemistry) in deep and clarify difficult course concepts in order that you are fully prepared to achieve an excellent grade in your MCAT, DAT and PCAT exams. I definitely can help you to accomplish this goal.

I am experienced chemistry instructor with BSc, MSc and PhD degree in organic chemistry and 14 years of credible experience in teaching/tutoring at university level with an excellent record of success from my current and previous students.

The chemistry study for MCAT, DAT and PCAT exams are according to their standard syllabuses. The study contains the review of fundamental concepts of general and organic chemistry followed by practice questions from reputable resources such as Berkeley and Princeton review.

General chemistry:

Specifically chemistry fundamentals, atomic structure and periodic trends, bonding and intermolecular forces, thermodynamics, phases, gases, kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, and electrochemistry

Organic chemistry:
Specifically organic chemistry fundamentals, structure and stability, lab techniques: separations and spectroscopy, carbonyl chemistry, and biologically important molecules

Please email at or text/call at 604-700-5192 for more information.

Rate is $46 per hour and $30 for a group tutoring (2 or more students) with flexible schedule.

Please visit my personal web page at for more information.

We meet at public libraries, university campuses (Burnaby or Surrey), etc.

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test)
DAT (Dental Admission Test) 
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