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Expert PhD Chemistry Instructor For SFU Organic Chemistry 283, 282, 281

I am an experienced chemistry instructor and current instructor with BSc, MSc and PhD degree in organic chemistry and 14 years of credible experience in teaching and tutoring at university level with an excellent record of success from my current and previous students. I tutored about 100 students in SFU organic chemistry courses and my previous students achieved A+, A and A-  for CHEM 281, CHEM 282 and CHEM 283.

Chemistry 282 and 283 require a lot of attentions because both courses cover a lot of reactions, mechanisms and syntheses so in order to deal with both courses you need to have a good knowledge of Chem 281 (substitutions, eliminations, addition reactions, stereochemistry and spectroscopy) and also a good knowledge of resonance, acids/bases, hybridization and bonding concepts. Because Chem 282 duration is for 9 weeks so you need to start early in order to avoid getting behind.

My teaching/tutoring plan includes explanation and elaboration of the course concepts in deep in order that student understands the course concepts properly, a review of fundamental concepts of organic chemistry including: Bonding, Hybridization, Lewis structure, Resonance, Acid/Base and Stereochemistry, providing a study plan for each student according to the student background, providing extra practice problems for the course to the student, working with student on problems such as class assignments, midterms and finals from recent years.

Please email Dr. Chemistry Instructor at "" or text/call at 604-700-5192 for more information (fast response). Rate is $46 per hour for one on one tutoring and a group tutoring is $30 per hour per student.

Please visit my website at for more details about my teaching chemistry in metro Vancouver and my final exam review session.

We meet on university campuses (Burnaby or Surrey), etc.


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