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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY TUTOR - Friendly & Experienced Female PhD Tutor!

I am an experienced Phd student (female) at the department of Chemistry at SFU. I have over 5 years of 
experience teaching, TAing and tutoring ALL Organic Chemistry courses. I offer students one-on-one and 
group tutoring at affordable rates! My students appreciate my clear and concise explanations that make even 
the most challenging concepts understandable and easy to grasp! I am able to meet students in Burnaby/SFU/BCIT 
and all of Vancouver/UBC. 

SFU: CHEM 121, CHEM 281, CHEM 282/283, CHEM 286, CHEM 121 & CHEM 122 
UBC: CHEM 121, UBC CHEM 233, CHEM 203, CHEM 235, CHEM 245, CHEM 213, CHEM 313, 
CHEM 330, CHEM 333, CHEM 460, CHEM 560, CHEM 561, CHEM 563, CHEM 568


Feel free to shoot me a text, and I will get back to you promptly! :)

Phone: 604-992-9894
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