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I am currently a first year second semester student at SFU. Both my CGPA and GPA will be bellow 2.00. I understand that I will be put on academic probation. I have read that in order to get of the academic probation in my next completed term I have to get above a 2.00 GPA or CGPA. I was wondering if I am allowed to take a semester break while on academic probation or if I have to enroll in the summer term in order to fix my academic standing. Thank you in advance. 
Please help 


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    In your next "completed" term implies that it does not necessarily have to be immediately next term, no? It is just the next term you take, regardless of when it is.

    This is just my understanding of it and I'm marking it with an 80% certainty. However, questions like these should really be asked to an academic (at Student Services) or departmemtal advisor (at your department).

    Go book that summer flight dude.

    Please confirm what I said before you do though.
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    Thank you so much. I'mean going to talk to an academic advisor but I have to wait until Tuesday because of the holidays. I was also wondering if I would first be put on academic probation since i had good academic standing before this or would I immediately be required to withdraw sine both my CGPA and GPA are below 2.00.
  • If you were not on AP the previous term, you would not be RTW but placed on AP. You can go in and out of AP or continue on AP an unlimited number of times, but this is unwise because if you go below the GPA and/or CGPA requirements the subsequent term that you were on AP the previous term for, you would be RTW.

    95% certainty on this info.

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    You don't want to keep going on and off academic probation because it goes on your transcript - just keep that in mind. Figure out why you are on it in the first place. Look at your major - is is the right fit for you? You want to break the cycle. Had a friend that struggled for it for her first year and then switched out of health sciences realizing it wasn't her right fit. She's in criminology and is doing amazing now because she found her fit. I may come off as being blunt but I'm just trying to help you, so I hoped this helped a bit.
  • @leenami Thanks for your contribution and supplement to my answer, as well as for going deeper into the question.
  • @TalkUBC no probs. I hoped it helped OP
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