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Final Exam Review Sessions For CHEM 282/283 and 281 on Burnaby Campus

edited February 2016 in Tutoring
Review sessions before final exams of CHEM 282/283 and CHEM 281 will be held on SFU Burnaby campus. A qualified instructor who holds a PhD degree in organic chemistry with 13 years of experience in teaching and tutoring at university level would conduct the session.

The instructor reviews important concepts of the courses by going through 35 selected questions step by step in order that students understand the course concepts fully and ready to deal with the exam questions as well as providing the students with some practical points that how to handle the exam questions more efficiently in a timely manner. The selected questions will be provided to the students at the beginning of session. In order to maximize the review’s quality each review has only the capacity of maximum 10 students. The review applies to students who are serious to achieve a high grade and by attending the review session solidifying their knowledge and increasing their exam skills.

CHEM 282/283: Sunday March 13th on Burnaby campus

CHEM 281: Sunday April 17th on Burnaby campus

Please contact Dr. chemistry instructor by email at or or text/call at 604-700-5192 for further information and booking. Because the session has the capacity of 10 students only so please contact soon if you wanted to book a place.

The session is for 4 hours and it is $60 per student.

The review sessions only apply to serious students.

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