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MACM 101, CMPT 127, CMPT 125

edited January 2016 in Tutoring
I have been a teaching assistant for all the courses mentioned . I am a Masters student in the university specializing in algorithms. I also like data structures and algorithms. I would love to help students struggling with these courses as I understand how difficult it might get to form a strong base of these courses.  


  • I'm not in any of these courses right now, but you should do YouTube tutorials for them. Especially MACM101. The more resources that course has for it to be explained in different ways, the better. They pay ~$5-15 for every 1000 views depending on how you set up the ads (full length vs partial etc) and you could do affiliate links to Amazon on it for the textbook and other resources.
  • Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will definitely try to look into it !!!
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