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I'm planning on applying to PDP, there's still a couple semesters left but it says fine arts courses are recommended. Has anyone who applied to PDP taken fine arts courses?? Is it necessary?? And what courses were they??


  • Hi, 
    Fine Arts courses are any courses that start with FPA. 
    If you want to get full marks on the courses section of your PDP application, you need to have at least taken 2 FPA and 2 BPK courses. They are not required, but it is highly recommended that you take them. 

  • Oh ok. I wasn't completely sure about that. I have taken 2 bpk courses so I could take any two fpa courses right?
  • Why are BPK courses needed?
  • BPK courses are recommended because they are kinesiology courses and can help teachers plan P.E. classes.
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    @rikachan96 Aren't P.E. teachers usually teachers who focus specifically only on P.E. and the related field? 

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