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Why so many Chinese people at SFU?

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I've noticed that there are a considerable amount of chinese people at SFU. Not being racist, as I am Chinese myself but I was born here and my parents are from Hong Kong. But there's been an increase in the amount of mainland chinese people here. I was wondering what the reason is? 

It's also hard to make friends when they all speak a different dialect than me.


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    There're lots of reasons...e.g. rich enough to study overseas, nice environment (edu & weather, etc), expand their  horizons... but I guess that many of them are FIC students.

    Personally I don't think speaking different dialects is the barrier of making friends, though it might be one of the factors. Because I'm from the mainland but I don't have many Chinese friends. lol
  • More can afford the tuition, have good enough grades and willing to come. Besides, international students pay more than triple the domestic tuition, so I guess the school is happy to have more of them as long as they meet the standard.

    Lots of mainland Chinese students speak Cantonese actually, same language you speak I believe. If they don't, just speak English with them. Language isn't that much of a barrier.
  • Maybe join the C-link club, I think a lot of them speak cantonese
  • Really glad to see all the non-racist helpfully dope responses. Aside from the usual on SFU Facebook groups when Asian topics come up.
  • At last report the Chinese economy was booming, so lots of students from the mainland at the moment. Mandarin is definitely much more common than before. It might feel strange to speak English to someone who's also of Chinese background, but it can be thought of as part of the Canadian university experience...?
  • That explains all the Brazilians in Vancouver too, their economy is bullish as well. And so is India.
  • "It's also hard to make friends when they all speak a different dialect than me."

    Yea, it's also hard when they don't speak a fukin word of English. Including saying "Excuse me" as they attempt to push their past you. Or spend hours with annoying jabber in the computer labs as if you're supposed to give a shit. SFU needs a language policy ASAP before more foreign people make their way here.

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