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I am probably going to be RTW this term

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Hi guys,

I'm pretty sure I'll be RTW this semester and I was wondering how can I apply to colleges? I read a pamphlet SFU
gave me and they said its pretty difficult for any college to accept me because they require applicants to have a 
GPA above 2.0. But I've seen a lot of posts around here about people who applied to colleges and got back in.
What colleges do people usually go to with a GPA below 2.0? I'm planning on using my high school grades but
I dont know how to explain the one year gap between now and my high school graduation. 


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  • Hi. I don't know what RTW is so I will just assume you are highschool student graduating this June.

    Objectively it seems that your GPA is just too low for applying to SFU.

    My admission percentage for entering SFU CRIM was 93.5%

    I recommend that you go to community college first and then try transferring to SFU. That should be easier plus you can save lots of tuition.

    Hopefully everything will work out for you.
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    Oh no I'm not a high school student, I'm a current SFU student that is being required to withdraw, and I'm not planning on going to BOT either
  • I think some people apply using their high school marks. Not positive though.

    Are you sure you don't want to do BOT? If so what are your college plans and how are they different from what you were doing at SFU?
  • You should do bot. Community colleges/kwantlen.. Etc aren't any easier than sfu. Plus most of them have less resources to help you. You're just gunna screw yourself over again. I've been on academic probation twice, I know how this goes.
  • I was in academic probation in my first semester at sfu so I worked hard next semester got a GPA 2.93 then my CGPA went above 2 but still my fist semester is affecting my CGPA no matter what I did!

    so I will transfer to trinity western university or northern British Columbia. I heard these universities are easy and I want to graduate with CGPA of 3.0.

    anyway, the point here is, if you SFU didn't RTW this semester then you should probably think about transferring to a university that would accept all of your credits.

    for the collage question, if you are an international student then try to Fraser International Collage. I guess they accept CGPA lower than 2

    hope you will do well on the finals
  • Of course people use their high school marks to get into college, how else are they going to get accepted?
    What that pamphlet was saying (and you read it incorrectly) is that no you can't transfer to another university or college program (nursing or other specialty programs) with a shitty GPA
  • i am a RTW student, and I am now taking classes at Langara. 
    just use marks from high school to get into college.
  • Check the admissions pages for the college you want to go to re transferring TO the college (most of the info is transferring from the college to university).  There MIGHT be transfer credits you could get.   But, as it sounds like nc14 did, you might want to not mention your time at SFU at all...
  • When you apply to other colleges, you have to report the year at SFU. (and also your grades). For colleges like Langara, Douglas, They all share the same student profile database with universities.
    Talk to an advisor and see if they offer "back on track" courses or whatever they call it. 
    Good luck!
  • I did report my grades from SFU when I applied to Langara, and I still got in. However, I did not transfer any credits from SFU to Langara.
  • I was RTW from SFU a year ago. I applied to Langara with just my high school grades and was admitted. I did not have to report SFU graded. I took 4 transferable courses at langara. (check with If you previously struggled at SFU you would find courses at college much easier to get good grades. so after 1 semester at Langara, I got all my 12 credits with an A average then i applied for SFU re-admission. now im back at SFU again..

    If you are Required To Withdraw you will be eligible 
    for readmission on Academic Probation if you 
    complete any of the following 5 combinations of further 
    transferable academic course work:
    1. 12-17 units with a minimum 3.50 GPA, or
    2. 18-23 units with a minimum 3.00 GPA, or
    3. 24-29 units with a minimum 2.75 GPA or with the 
    acceptance GPA*, whichever is higher, or
    4. 30 or more units with the acceptance GPA* or
    5. a completed 2 year technical diploma with a 
    70% minimum average and at least 12 units of 
    transferable course work with a minimum 2.75 GPA 
    (the transferable work may be within the diploma 
    program or supplementary to it).
  • Not sure if its appropriate for me to reply to this thread after a year...but...I wanted to say...thank you all for your comments! I'm back! I got  re-admitted and am currently attending the summer 2015 session. Yay!
  • Congrats!
  • yay! and good luck this semester! :D
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    Bumping this thread was totally inappropriate and unneeded...

    Kidding. Congratulations.
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