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New Computers WOW

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Whoaa finally we have some new computeres at school! I love them they are nice and big and finally sooo fast. I can do my work way faster now. Im using one right now in the library hahaha what do you guys think of the changeS?


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    they are sexyyyyyyyy
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    i dont think theres enough! i had to wait 10 minutes in the library today jus to get on the computers

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    I can remember when there were clunky Windows NT 4.0 machines in the Chemistry wing and the Dell machines in the AQ 3144 (at the corner near Renaissance Coffee) weren't accessible to just anyone - you had to be in a course that used the material stored on those machines. Then the computer guys realized that hey, MSIE isn't the most secure but Firefox wouldn't work on the proxy server, and so on.

    So yeah, things have come a long way. :)

    PS. As you can tell from my handle, I'm a nuclear chemistry grad student. Hello out there.
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    the lapy-- topy" at lib ar kool

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