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Growing Up

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You know before you go to university, u hear people continuously saying "its the best time of your life", "its brilliant" bla bla bla! why does no one ever warn you about the down side? the loneliness people feel? the important lessons that we learn ie who to trust, the agendas people have etc!

its just crazy isnt it? i mean dont get me wrong, i feel independent and am enjoying life. i know life can never be perfect but thats the scariest realisation - if life can never be perfect, we all live in this continuous motion to find that level of 'perfect' but we'll never have it - i spose u gotta have the bad with the good!!

its jus this whole growing up thing - its so scary!! life as a kid is obv so much easier and far less complicated!!

sorry, being quite random! lol but if u wanna say something, write back (unless ur being negative cos i aint got time for y'all!)

Im not a Genius. Just a Hustla Who Has Eyes To Study.


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    damn thats deep lol

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    I don't know, sometimes I think I'd be better off independent. Then again, I guess I like having other people worry about how I'm going to go to school and such.

    Hm.. yeah, I think I'd rather be independent.. Why should anybody want to worry about me besides me..
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    Dude, I don't think I could agree with you more.
    I get sick of everyone that also says college is the best time of your life, I absolutely hate it to death, feels just like prison to me.

    I also keep wishing I was a kid again, back in high school, instead of being an adult. Sure, theres some cool perks, but overall being a kid is much better.
    I now know why adults pick on kids and make so many rules for them, their jealous of em!!!!
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    lol hehe glad to hear ur views:P

    Im not a Genius. Just a Hustla Who Has Eyes To Study.
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    I agree 100%. I wanted out when I was in highschool, and I got out. I lived in Rez my first year of school, and despite being surrounded by ppl I was always lonely.

    Moving to an apartment was even harder. Bills to pay, dishes to wash, an entire place to myself (with my roommate of course) it was something I'd never experienced.

    But I add that it gets better. I've been living on my own on and off since 2002 and it's wonderful. I now pay my own rent, bills, food, and do my own cleaning (with my roommate of course, a different one).

    Trust me, stick it out and things will get better!
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    The thing you said about college being "the best time of your life" varies for every person. The best part of college is that its not like H.S. and you get much more freedom in the things you do. Also, you are away from your parents and forced to be independent. College isn't easy, and its suppose to prepare you for life in general with all its important life lessons. The hardest part of college is the lonilness. What I did was that I joined a lot of clubs and got involved with the school, which has helped with my social life big time.
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    I think its all that you make it to be, like anything in life. You could think college sucked (what I thought a few years back) and to be honest in HS all I wanted to do is get the heck out of there (some days I wish I could go back). Hated SFU in first year since i just moved from Calgary, but started to really love it as i approached 2nd year...

    Sure there are times that flat out suck, but if you always look at those times then you will miss out on the good stuff. Yeah I sometimes want to gradate, but then I see all the fun I am having, and dont want to go. Again, I think thats all you have to do is look at the postivities to get you through some parts that are bad and suck.:smile:
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    I think I feel the same as babygurl...I hated university to begin with. In fact, I always hate it in the first semester of every year. But then gradually I begin to love it and in the summer semester when all my exams are finished I feel 'wow, that was a lovely and satisfying year, I want to do it again!!' And then the autumn semester comes and I'm like 'God, I want to go home and just do silly things with my friends back home...sit around and chat and gossip, go out' because me and my friends a home go way back.

    I'm expecting the fall semester to be crap...and then after that, the spring and summer semesters are going to be amazing.

    What high school students don't realise is that college is not this place that you go to and all of a sudden your life is party 24/ get laid etc etc.

    Its normal wake up in the mornings and go to a dreaded 9am lecture, listening to some boring old man lecture about Religion in Shakespeare's time.

    And you do have fun...but its not necessarily regular...I personally enjoy going out with my close friends...but they don't always have the time, but when we do go out, its so much fun.

    Some people go out just for the sake of it...with people they don't even like...just to get drunk and do 'crazy' things...wake up with massive hangovers and strange people in their beds...just to say they had the 'time of their life', just to say that they had so many friends at university and so many girlfriends/boyfriends and one-night stands.

    Its quality, not quantity... and you're not supposed to compare yourself with others and you're supposed to search out your true personality and find out what you like and don't like...even something minor like realising that you care about animals and you want to be a vegetarian...realising that you're too snobbish and that you should tone down a bit.

    Its the little things, the little challenges that you go through every day... they will one day all add up and make you think 'wow, university really was the time of my life'.

    It truly is the time of your life...its a huge turning point...and after that there's no going back to childhood. Its a time when you take things slowly, learn about yourself, and get a degree.

    Thats all it is... a light-hearted challenge...don't take it so seriously or you won't come out of it alive. Just take it lightly, be strong and persistent and stubborn...and it'll work wonders.

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