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What can I do with my Law Degree?

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Ok so the title is pretty explanatory but let me give you guys a little background about myself. I am a third year psych major and have just recently decided to head to law school after I graduate. Law seems to be such an exciting field, but I dont really want to go to court all the time. What branches of law do you guys suggest?


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    Hey i dont know a lot about law because Im in arts, but my friend is going to law school in September. Hes always yappin about how there;s so many different areas of law to get into blah blah. For example, if you like busines, you can get into corporate law and work on a team of a lawyers for sum big company or if you like real estate theres a lot of cash in real estate law too.
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    Hi Judy, I found you something you should definitely take a look at. Its the U of Alberta's faculty of law handbook. If you look on page 6 and 7, it has a good list of all the courses offered. By looking at these, you can get an idea of which of your interests would best be suited for a law degree.
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    well if you dont want to go to court very often, id suggest family law.. like divorce law, it seems like theres a lot less court time involved.. im not sure thats my guess... it seems a lot simpler than representing big companies like corporate lawyers do
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    I think it's best if you go into law not really knowing exactly what kind of law you want to do. Many students enter law school with the desire to practice one type of law, based on what they've read, who they've talked to or other influences, but once they get there they change their minds completely. It's best to keep an open mind before you go into law school and let yourself gravitate to one area of law that grabs your attention.

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