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Grad Section

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TalkSFU is a pretty good idea. I think it just needs time to spread among SFU students for it to really pick up. Maybe advertisement in the student newspaper or leaflets would help. But overall a very good idea.

I have a suggestion: how about a grad section? A place on the site where grad students can talk amongst themselves. Grad students may have different kinds of problems or priorities then other students on this site and a forum dedicated to them would help.

Hope my suggestion is taken into consideration.


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    Hi Diggy-D, thanks for your suggestions and feedback. You are definietly right about giving it time for the site to grow. As more people find out about TalkSFU, the better and more busy it will become. Ultimately, this site could be useful to a lot of people in a lot of different ways.

    That is why your suggestion for a Grad corner is so important, as it will allow us to add features that users, such as you, want. We have also recieved suggestions for an MP3 section (with the latest tunes) and we are also considering a test bank which students can use to study.

    However, the main priority right now is to attract as many members as we can so that we have a good foundation to build on. So please tell your friends about TalkSFU and make posts whenever you can to keep the site fresh and exciting! We will keep you posted on which sections will be added soon.

    Cheers, from the team.

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