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What a bad day in BLOT

edited September 2006 in General
OMG I havent been that stressed out in a while, seroiusly it was mayhem. Pouring rain, theres like 5 cars all trying to get past each other lookin for a spot, and all these people were walking in the rain getting soaked windows gettin foggysdkf arhhhhhh


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    That's the way it is from here till summer again.
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    man that sucks! whens a good time to go and get a good spot? early mornin im guessin but how early!
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    Dunno, I moved closer and take the bus now. Don't really want to deal with parking on campus anymore.
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    best thing is to take the bus i guess...

    but heck, more people are taking the bus now and you have to leave early for that too!

    lose-lose situation :beer:

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