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BISC / MBB Tutoring by a MSc MBB graduate

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 Hello! My name is Sophie and I run SxT Acadex: offering scientific tutoring services in person in the tri-cities and online. I tutor at local libraries in person however alternative arrangements can always be arranged (eg. meeting up at a nearby coffee shop instead if this is more convenient for you). Online sessions are done via Google Meet + a whiteboarding software I use.

I am a MSc Molecular Biology and Biochemistry graduate from SFU and molecular geneticist, with over 8 years of teaching experience at the high school and undergraduate levels. I've TAed BISC 101, BISC 202, MBB 222, BISC 302, BISC 357 multiple times each, and have tutored 202 before as well. 

Undergraduate/Graduate courses I tutor:
✅ Lower and upper level biology
✅ Lower and upper level physiology
✅ Lower and upper level genetics
✅ Lower level molecular bio / biochemistry
✅ And more. Please reach out to me if your specific course type is not listed here.

I provide the following:
  • assignment / homework support
  • exam / test / quiz preparation
  • scientific writing support and improving your writing to have better clarity
  • Individualized custom problem sets focused on your specific weaknesses that I will prepare and run through with you during our sessions
  • Mock tests / quizzes to assess level of understanding
  • Access to our entire lesson plan with additional practice problems for self-practice
FREE INITIAL CONSULT: If you're looking for a tutor, please reach out to me. I am happy to set up a 15 minute free initial consult via phone call or video call to discuss your course, current challenging topics, my teaching methodology etc. to see if we would be a good fit for each other. I do not charge for this 15minute consult.

REAL TESTIMONIALS: I run a YouTube science education channel, where I create videos specifically on challenging/gatekeeper scientific topics in BISC/MBB. If you want to see an example of how I teach and breakdown hard-to-understand topics, see my YouTube channel here and read the comments from students and the positive impact I have on their learning:

PEDAGOGICAL RESEARCH: In addition to my experience, I have also completed pedagogical research on effective scientific teaching and learning with the Institute of Teaching and Learning at SFU, in tandem with two faculty professors. I consistently score above 90% on semesterly TA evaluations as well, showing the effectiveness of my teaching and coaching.

❤️ COMPASSION / EMPATHY - I have volunteered as a Career Peer Advisor previously and also as a Crisis Responder for Canada's Crisis Text Line, and provided Career Coaching to several clients. By nature, I am a very compassionate and empathetic person. You will never be made to feel embarrassed or ashamed for not understanding course material. I will work to ensure you gain confidence and feel empowered in your studies and courses.

TUTORING RATES: Rates will vary depending on level of course, 1:1, group, online etc. but $70/hour is the minimum I charge. This rate will increase with more senior science courses, and in person requests / travel distance. My pricing is competitive for my experience, credentials, and how effective my teaching is (see testimonials on my YouTube channel from real university students all over the world). I believe in transparency and openness, and will always be upfront about the rate I will charge you as soon as you provide relevant details (which course, 1:1, online / in person etc.).

Please reach out at to inquire about tutoring or reply to this post.
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