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Math/CS/Stat tutoring - by a PhD math candidate

Need help?
I'm currently a PhD. student in Mathematics at SFU.
I Recently graduated from a master's degree in Math at SFU with 4.10+/4.33 GPA.

In 2017, I earned a Bachelor's in computer science and math at
Uvic. I earned an A+ in all Mathematics and Statistics courses, and an
A+ average in Computer science. I am very passionate with teaching and
learning. Tutoring is a part time job for me, so I have flexible hours
and I'm happy to help you succeed.

For the fastest reply, text messaging (12508129618) is the best way to contact me.

Programming languages:
Java, C,C++,Python,Ruby.
Web development: HTML, Javascript, CSS, NodeJS, PHP, Typescript.

I have tutored 100+ students since 2013 in various math and computer science.

My mathematical strengths include, but are not limited to:
Statistics, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Abstract Algebra, Linear
Algebra, Real Analysis, Linear Programming, algorithms, data structures,
Geometry, Precalculus, Complex Analysis, Number Theory, and Cryptography.

Below are some courses I can tutor. Please note that I am not limited to the courses or institutions on this list.

High School:
Math - all grades
Physics - grade 11 and 12
AP/IB Calculus, Physics, Statistics

Math 100,150,151,152,154,155,157,158,208W,232,240,242,251,252,254,308,309,310,320,338,340,341,342,343,345
Macm 101,201,203,204,300
Stat 203,205,260,270,285,330,450
Phys 100,101
Cmpt 120,125,126,127,130,135,213,225,275,276,307,373

Results guaranteed! please email or call/text or email


My Webpage (in development): Haggai Liu's Website (
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