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First-year and Organic Chemistry Tutor

Need help with your chemistry courses? I'm ready to help you succeed!

I'm currently in the PDP Teaching program at SFU, and recently graduated with my Chemistry Masters degree from SFU. I've also completed the ISW and CPUTL teaching courses at SFU. My undergraduate credential is a BSc, majoring in biology, minoring in chemistry and fulfilling a co-op designation. 

During my masters, I was a TA for chemistry 111, 121, and have experience tutoring multiple students in Chem 121 last semester. I'm hoping to find some additional students this semester to tutor in first-year chemistry courses. I also achieved high grades in my organic chemistry courses, and am hoping I can help students reach their goals in these challenging courses.

I usually conduct lessons over zoom. I have an iPad with pencil so I can share my screen as we work through content. My rate is $40 per hour.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or would like to book a lesson.


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