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Semiconductor Challenge Callout - Government of Canada

Semiconductors, often called chips or microchips, are critical to Canada's national security, economy and technological interests. Nearly every industry including automotive, defence and telecommunications require semiconductors. The semiconductor shortage impacts the production of products such as automobiles, consumer electronics and medical devices.

In response to the shortage, the Government of Canada is seeking ambitious, large-scale ideas from industry and other ecosystem players that address how Canada can build on existing R&D and manufacturing strength, contribute to a national network and supply chain and position Canada as a critical global supplier of specialized semiconductors manufacturing such as:

Sensor and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS): custom semiconductor devices that perform sensing and actuating functionalities, such as gyro sensors for videogame controllers, inertial sensors for automobiles, and micro-mirrors for telecommunications
Compound semiconductors: combine 2 or more elements (e.g. gallium nitride, indium phosphide) and provide power, speed and durability advantages over traditional silicon mass-market components. These advanced chips are critical to a wide array of industry verticals, from defence to clean technology to telecommunications
Advanced packaging: involves placing multiple semiconductor devices in a single package using a variety of distinct techniques (e.g. wafer-level packaging, 2.5D and 3D integration, photonics), resulting in improved connectivity and reduced power consumption
Do you have a proposal or idea that can help Canada become a global leader in semiconductors? Fill in the form below.

Once you've submitted your information, we may invite you to meet with an Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) official to further discuss your proposal or idea and help you with next steps which may include applying for Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) funding or other available federal programs.

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