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Experienced English and Communications tutor/ paper editor/ political science TA!

Hi there! My name is Julia, and I am currently a Masters student at SFU, specializing in Political Science. I recently graduated with an honours B.A. in Communication, with a minor in Political Science, and I am wanting to help others develop the skills they need to succeed in the social sciences at SFU. 

As I am currently a Teacher's Assistant at SFU, I know exactly what students need to succeed. I have experience tutoring in the following subjects: English, Communications, Political Science, Criminology, and more. I can help with writing and editing research papers, study tactics, and more!

For in person tutoring, test prep, and more, I charge $25.00 per hour, and I am willing to come to you, whether that is at your house, a local library, or at SFU! I also do paper editing- for $50, I will edit papers up to 50 pages long, with extensive notes, critiques, and more (online). 

Text me at 2508598823 if you have any questions or you would like to set up a session!
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