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I've heard the good and bad about both... Majoring in Crim so 203 is recommended..... don't want to take either of them but don't have a choice :) :(


  • I took neither, I took 101. I learned some stuff, but not much that would be applicable to 320. If you take 203, it will provide a better foundation for when you take 320 down the road in your crim degree, because you use SPSS in 203. Nut sure if you use it in STAT 100 but definitely not in 101. 101 you do actual math and need a calculator, whereas I don't think you do in 203 and definitely not in 320, as it's mostly learning SPSS and how to manipulate data and interpret data outputs.
  • Okay thank you! A lot of my friends that have taken 203 are telling me not to take it because it's hard and a heavy workload, but then I have been told it's more useful for the degree. UGH. Thanks though :)
  • Yeah it's more relevant and helpful if you plan on doing quantitative research down the road. Again, I only took 101 which I barely used for 320, but I did okay in 320, however I took 320 as a standalone course on its own in a summer semester so this allowed more time to study and understand the material as well as work with friends. 

    It's important to look at what other courses you are taking too to make sure it balances out and you're not taking all the difficult core courses in one semester.

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