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Im on rtw, how can I get into other colleges

I kinda messed up with my first couple semesters, and my gpa is super low. bot didn't go well either, screwed up at the second-last week :(
now Im on Rtw(required to withdraw) and have to get into another college, boost up my gpa, and reapply to sfu later.
the problem is I don't know how to do this. Is there a specific format I have to follow in order to apply to colleges as a rtw from sfu? 
Or do I just apply as an undergraduate? If so, can I use my high school grades to get in?
I talked with academic advisor a bit about this, but she seemed unsure and have no one to ask :'(

any former rtw students here? 


  • I've never been on rtw but i've been in bot. Isn't it a bit too late to apply now for the winter term? I know KPU doesn't accept admissions anymore. But as you said, it is always worth a try to apply in other colleges with just your hs grades for now. goodluck
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    I am sending you a private msg about how to help you! Please check that! :) 
  • I am facing similar trouble, I was wondering if other colleges will accept me with such low cgpa

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