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Survival of the Fittest

edited September 2006 in General
It surprises me sometimes that no matter how many days you spend at the beach, summer just isn't long enough in Vancouver. Here we are at the beginning of another semester. While a lot of you are still trying to buy books and get organized, others were ready to go with their pens and highlighters weeks ago (you know who you are). But who really wins the race in the end?

You may not know this yet, but just like in the real world, its survival of the fittest here at SFU. After your degree is said and done, its not about who studied or partied the most - but who was the best at keeping a balance. Coming out of uni as a smarter individual is inevitable but the key skill you must have in order to succeed is the ability to keep your life balanced. Socializing, family time, making money, partying, eating right and yes, even studying are all things which must be maintained througout your career.

With this in mind, we have designed TalkSFU to play a part in helping students get valuable advice and to help you succeed. But its important to realize that this site is nothing without the students who use it. We have gotten the ball rolling, but you are the core which will make TalkSFU come alive. So make some posts, leave some comments, and tell your friends about the site... Let's Talk!

From the TalkSFU team.

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