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I don't wanna graduate, i like doing coop and being in school

edited May 2013 in General
I'm one of those people who thinks the real world is scary. You are on your own and its a tough world.
At least in school, you know what to do, you have free time, and the school can hook u up to some awesome jobs for money. Not sure if im the only one that feels that way, but i want to take school slow.


  • Too bad.
  • 1 course a sem
  • $300 per semester on school fees.
  • I remember feeling the same way about leaving highschool. Do coop, and try to get a job before applying for graduation
  • School is the biggest waste of money ever why would you wanna stay in it. 
  • Yeah personally I have always found school to be a bit of a hoop I have just had to jump through. I have enjoyed it thus far, and value all that I have learned, but at the same time I do not intent to stick around forever.
  • Get a job you lazy scum

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